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1 Me elsewhere on the web

2 About the name jny

This is actually an explanation of the origin of my username as many persons have asked me where the username and email address jny comes from.

When I started studying at HUT, the computer science students had their own set of Unix servers. They were some kind of Altos machines if I remember correctly. The rest of the students were left with a couple of Vaxes running some kind of BSD Unix, I guess.

These machines were administered separately and while you got lame usernames like knyberg in the Vaxes, the Altos machines had cool three-letter user names, like jny.

The reason I got the username jny is in a sense a mistake. Normally, the names were something like the first letter of your given name and two letters of your surname. Now, although I am called Kristoffer, my parents were smart enough to give me two more names, John Folke, which they put in front of Kristoffer. This of course opens up endless possibilities for mistakes.

So the j in jny comes from John. I have since got attached to the a-bit-off username and managed to keep it in my now eternal email address using the excellent service of IKI.

3 CV

3.1 Personal fact file

  • Name: Kristoffer Nyberg
  • Birth: 17th May 1968, in Helsinki, Finland
  • Live: in Espoo, Finland
  • Email: jny@iki.fi.
  • Languages: Swedish (my mother tongue), Finnish (Good), English (Good), German (fair)

3.2 Education

Title: Master of Science in Technology

  • 1987-1997 Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Computer Science. Specialising in Computer Telecommunications and International Marketing and Business Strategy
  • 1988-1989 Military service, anti-tank unit. My rank is corporal (alikersantti is the Finnish term).

3.3 Related work experience

  • 2014-present Nokia as Nokia bought back NSN. The work stays the same though.
  • 2007-2014 Nokia Siemens Networks. I work as a system architect with platform definition topics for our mobile network gateway product.
  • 1996-2007 Nokia. Work has included encapsulating 3rd party products in Corba / Java wrappers, working on internal tools and web applications with Perl, and work on GPRS and 3G network elements. For the 3G SGSN, I was involved with SS7 signalling and element management, for the GGSN, element management.
  • From 2000 to June 1st 2006 I was a team leader with subordinates. After that I switched to the technology and architecture team without subordinates for a change.
  • 1990-1996 Polycon Ab. Work can be characterised as consulting, working mostly with custom database applications in the administrative area. The main tools included Focus, Visual Basic and Delphi. As part of the work I also set up the company web server and CVS version control services. I worked mostly part-time while studying, but there were periods of full-time work too.

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